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Best bars in Benidorm

Best bars in Benidorm

Best bars in Benidorm

There is so much choice of bars when you come to visit Benidorm. It is one of the reasons why Benidorm is the number one holiday destination in Europe, that and the endless miles of beach, sunshine and superb golf courses. Benidorm bars are also great value for money with beers from as little as €1 a pint and a glass of wine for €1.20. When planning a holiday the actual price of the hotel and flights can be a small part of the total cost once you factor in spending money at the holiday resort. In Benidorm the amount of spending money required is far less than you would require in other parts of Spain and Europe making it a great destination to maximise your fun with your budget. In this guide of the Best bars in Benidorm we will show you which bars we personally recommend. Not everyone likes the same type of bar so we will cover all bases from the British side of Benidorm bars to the quaint tapas bars in Benidorms old town.

Benidorm sea front hotels for Golf in Benidorm
A view of the Poniente beach in Benidorm

Areas where the Best bars in Benidorm are located

Best Bars in Benidorm bar map
Areas for the Best Bars in Benidorm

As you can see from the map above Benidorm is spread across a long beach front, well it is actually 2 beach fronts. The Poniente beach and the Levante beach. There are fantastic bars that stretch right along the beach fronts, but some of the best bars in Benidorm are located just a street or 2 back from the beach front so it is worth reading on to ensure you explore the best Benidorm has to offer.

Benidorm is split in to 2 areas, the New town and the Old town. In general the New town has many of the British bars and cabaret bars that Benidorm is famous for. The Old town has more of the traditional Spanish Tapas bars and small local bars that you can stumble across as you explore the back streets of the town. In the New town there is 1 particular street called Calle Gerona which is known as “The Strip”. Here you will find most of the best bars in Benidorm, but do not rule out just a short stroll off the end of the strip to a location known as the Rincon De Loix. Here you will find some fantastic bars and cabaret shows Benidorm has to offer.

The Strip - Best bars in Benidorm

The Strip Benidorm best bars
The Red Lion on The Strip Benidorm

The Strip

In reality, the majority of pubs and bars are located on Calle Gerona. This is called “The Strip” it’s where the majority of Uk Tourists in Benidorm congregate. It’s where “pre-drinks” start! There are enough bars along this road to last all night with drinks deals available in most. The strip starts just past the Union Jack Golf Shop on Calle Gerona with the first of the bars you come to being Rock Star bar. This is a great bar with a large sunny terrace. You will get a pint in here for just €1.50, they also do good Sangria and cocktails. This is a large bar with a huge open terrace playing great music all day and all night. The food in this place is pretty good and a full English is just €3. The next bar is Jumping Jacks, and again they have a huge terrace and a variety of drinks offers available. This place is always full and is on the sunny side of the street so you can top up the sun tan.

Jumping Jacks Benidorm Best Bars
Jumping Jacks on The Strip Benidorm

Just over the road is the winning post which is a sports lover paradise. They show every sport on the multi screen TV’s along with all of the horse racing making it one of the best bars in Benidorm to have a little flutter. The food at the Winning Post is also fantastic, I can personally recommend the breakfasts and the Sunday Lunches here. Next door is the Yorkshire Pride bar where any Yorkshireman can feel at home. Just over the road is the Flamingo bar, an upmarket bar with a huge screen for watching sports. Next door is the Rovers Return bar serving great burgers on there large sunny terrace. We then come to Planet Benidorm one of the most modern looking bars in Benidorm. This place has huge sliding glass frontage allowing you to sit in the shade whilst having the street fully open to sit and people watch from your table.

Planet Benidorm Best Bars
Planet Benidorm on The Strip in Benidorm - One of Benidorms Best Bars

Just over the road is then one of the most famous bars in Benidorm known as the White Star. This bar has a huge terrace and is also linked to the Marina Hotel with great poolside bars and one of the biggest outdoor screens in Benidorm showing live sports. This place is one not to miss in Benidorm, particularly on a Friday when they have a pool party. Moving further along The Strip you will come to the Broadway bar. Her you can watch the famous sticky star show which was made famous by Sticky Vicky, one not to take the kids to! Just over the road is the Queens Arms where you will find great cabaret shows and a late night Disco. The next bar along is Rockys pub showing all live sports on there large covered terrace. The next bar is The Red Lion. This is a huge venue and shows some of the biggest shows in Benidorm, many of which are adult themed so be aware! They show live sports and also have a bucking bronco on the front of the terrace for you to have a go at, although maybe not a good idea after a skin full of beers!

Moving further down The Strip there are many more bars to choose from such as The Crown, The Black Bull, Stardust, Rockerfellas and then eventually you come to the famous Western Saloon. This is one of the most famous cabaret bars in Benidorm and is always a good night in here. They show many of Benidorms top acts.

Western Saloon Best Bars in Benidorm
The Western Saloon One of the best cabaret bars in Benidorm

Moving further along The Strip passing many more bars you will come to the likes of John & Josephs and the famous Black Chicken, both being great bars serving drinks promotions all day. The final bar on The Strip is probably one of the most famous, Morgans Tavern. This bar featured in the TV series Benidorm. It is a cabaret bar and again has many of the top acts on in Benidorm. This one is not to be missed and really is one of the best bars in Benidorm. This place is always great fun and if they don’t play sweet Caroline then you are in the wrong bar!

Morgans Tavern Best Bars in Benidorm
Morgans Tavern - Reaching out, Touching me, Touching you!

There are hundreds more bars to mention on the Strip and just off the Strip that you can discover on your holiday discovering the best bars in Benidorm.

Rincon De Loix - Best Bars in Benidorm

The Rincon De Loix just a few minutes walk on from the Strip also has some of the best bars in Benidorm. We start our review of The Rincon De Loix whilst still on Calle Gerona as the first 2 bars you come to are the Silver Dollar and the Piccadilly. Both bars show live sports and have a great atmosphere all year round. Marianos next door is a great place to get something to eat. Just a little further up the street is the West End Showbar. If drag artists are your thing then do not miss this place. It makes for a hilarious night of entertainment. If you wander a bit further up the street past the indoor market you will find the Union Jack bar. The Union Jack bar was where Union Jack Golf was formed as a golf society many years ago before it turned on to a full blown Golf Holiday agency

Union Jack Bar Benidorm
Jakes bar and the Union Jack Bar on the Rincon De Loix

Just a bit further along the main street is the Sun Terrace bar and the Red Lion. Bot of these bars have massive terraces and great drinks promotions available. They also have some great entertainment acts on so these are ones not to miss as one of the best bars in Benidorm. Further along the main street past many more bars brings you to the Paddock. Here you will find great drinks promotions and good live entertainment. You may even bump in to Happy Days Graham from Bargain Loving Brits in this bar as we have done many times in the past. The next major bar and one of the best bars in Benidorm is the Famous Tropical. This venue has a huge outdoor terrace and seats many more inside. They show some of the best acts in Benidorm and this place should be put on your list of bars to visit when in Benidorm.

The Tropical one of the best bars in Benidorm

Just a bit further up the main road where some of Benidorms biggest hotels such as The Flamingo Oasis and Melia Benidorm are situated you will find The Corner Bar. This bar has a great reputation for its food and great drinks promotions. Plus it is run by one of the nicest guys in Benidorm, Ashley Price. For anyone that follows social media on Benidorm you will know Ashley from his entertaining and informative video updates about Benidorm. Ashley is also a radio DJ for Benidorm’s local radio station Fresh Radio Spain. This place is well worth a visit on your next trip to Benidorm. 

Corner Bar Best Bars in Benidorm
The Corner Bar - One of the Best Bars In Benidorm

Levante Beach Front - Best Bars in Benidorm

Tartan Bar Best bars in Benidorm
The Tartan Bar - One of the best bars in Benidorm

Along the Levante Beach front you can sit and have a drink while overlooking the Med’. There are some great bars down this end of Benidorm that you should visit on your next Benidorm Holiday. One bar you must visit on your way down to the beach front is the Tartan Bar run by Stuart. Stuart is a big character in Benidorm and gives a big warm Scottish welcome to all of his customers. The Tartan bar is one of the best bars in Benidorm for live sport, they also have a weekly pool competition and serve great food including Sunday lunch. Just a bit past the Tartan bar on the Levante beach if you turn right and take a 5 minute walk along the front you will come to a bar which was formerly called the Tiki beach bar. This is one of the go to bars on the Levante beach front and plays great live music all day and has a great atmosphere for a drink directly overlooking the beach.

Tiki Bar Benidorm Best bars in Benidorm
The Tiki bar Benidorm now known under a new name

Another 5 minute walk along the beach you will arrive at the Heartbreak bar. This is an American themed bar overlooking the beach serving great beers and burgers and playing live music throughout the day.  Just next door is the White Lion. This has a great terrace for people watching and through the back a good beer garden with some great drinks offers. Passing along past a few more bars on the beach front you will come to the KU lounge. This bar probably has the biggest terrace on the beach front and it shows some of the best live tribute acts in Benidorm making it one of the best bars in Benidorm. Next door is the Guinness bar one of our personal favourite Irish themed bars in Benidorm. If you want a pint of Guinness then this is the place to head to. There are so many other bars along the beach front to choose from. If you keep walking along the beach front you will arrive at the Old Town.

The Old Town - Best Bars in Benidorm

Tapas Alley Benidorm
Tapas Alley in the Benidorm Old Town - The Best Bars in Benidorm

The Benidorm Old Town has some of the Best Bars in Benidorm that you should make a point of visiting on your Benidorm Holiday. The Benidorm Old Town has a great array of traditional Spanish tapas bars along with a few small British bars dotted in amongst them giving it a unique atmosphere. The bars in this end of Benidorm are more laid back than in the new town so if you want a more traditional Spanish feeling then you need to head to the best of the Benidorm old town bars. The first place to visit is the Tapas Allaey. As the name suggests it is an alley where there are many different tapas bars all next to each other. the alley is filled with tables and chairs and the atmosphere down this street feels traditionally Spanish. You can enjoy a cold glass of white wine whilst grazing on the many different beautiful tapas on offer. Just pick your tapas from the counter when ordering a drink. This is one place you should not miss when visiting the best bars in Benidorm. 

Little Coopers Best Bars in Benidorm

If you make your way further in to the Old Town you will stumble across some of the best bars in Benidorm down the back streets. There are many traditional Spanish bars to discover as well as British bars such as Little Coopers. Here you will get a warm welcome in this cosy bar with seating out on the street. If you wander back towards the Union Jack Golf Shop then you will come to a pedestrian area on Calle Gerona on the edge of the Old Town. Here you will find a number of bars and restaurants all with outside seating on the pedestrian square. It is a great place for a drink and a bite to eat. The best bar in this area is called Winners bar. Here they do great drinks promotions, with superb cocktails and show live sport on the many screens around the bar. You may also be lucky enough to bump in to Lucy Young “The Benidorm Enthusiast” who works at this bar. Lucy knows everything there is to know about Benidorm so she is a great person to get chatting with. Check out her Facebook page here.  

Winners bar best bars in Benidorm
Winners Bar One of the Best Bars in Benidorm

This area is also home to the Halfway House. This bar has lots of outside seating and serve some of the best food in Benidorm. It is one of our personal favourites and is run by one of the nicest guys in Benidorm called Ron. He is always up for a chat and offers a warm welcome to his bar to everyone. 

That is it for our review of the best bars in Benidorm to visit when you are on Holiday in Benidorm. If you have any other bars that think should be on the list then let us know in the comments below and we can add them in the future.