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Top Attractions at San Juan Festival, Benidorm 2024

The San Juan Festival in Benidorm is a long-awaited occasion that brings together vacationers and locals for a top-notch celebration. This holiday, which happens each year, welcomes the summer season with an extensive variety of non-secular, cultural, and fun events. The event is going to be larger and higher than ever in 2024, with lots of laughs and matters for human beings of a wide variety to do. Here is a list of the best things to see and do at this year’s San Juan Festival in Benidorm.

A San Juan Night of Magic 

The most interesting part of the occasion is the Night of San Juan, which takes area on June 23. Benidorm’s beaches come to life at night with bonfires, tunes, and fireworks. Tourists and locals alike get together to do old practices that are thought to cleanse the soul and bring good luck, like jumping over fires and dipping their feet in the sea at midnight. The sound of waves and laughing, blended with the sight of loads of bonfires lined up alongside the beach, makes for memorable surroundings. 

A Fantastic Fireworks Show

In Spain, every holiday is complete with big fireworks show, and the San Juan holiday is the same. The sky over Benidorm is lit up with a stunning show of colors and patterns on the night of June 23. People from everywhere in the city can experience the fireworks show, which is a breathtaking show that can be visible from seashores, promenades, and rooftop bars. Get to a good spot early because the best places to watch quickly fill up.

Bonfire Celebrations: The Traditional Way

Traditional Way Bonfire Celebrations

The San Juan bonfires are an important part of the festival’s history. People share food, drinks, and stories around these bonfires with their families and friends. This is a time for people to get to know each other and celebrate. A lot of people write their hopes or things they want to let go of on a piece of paper and throw it into the fire to start over. It’s wonderful to be around the bonfires and feel like everyone is in it together. 

Regional Delights and Street Food

Regional Delights and Street Food

A big part of the San Juan Festival is the food. In Benidorm, the streets are full of stands selling a wide range of tasty street food and local specialties. There is a wide range of food, from traditional Spanish snacks to food from around the world. Take the chance to try some of the food that is unique to the area, like paella, churros with chocolate, and fish that was just caught. The sound of boiling pans and the smell of grilled foods will make you want to try everything.


The San Juan Festival in Benidorm is an exquisite occasion that brings together history, subculture, and fun. It’s an occasion that you should take advantage of due to the superb fireworks, live acts, tasty meals, and active environment. The occasion has something for everyone, whether you stay inside the region or are simply travelling. Union Jack Golf will make your journey more of a laugh. Have amusement at the occasion and make recollections so that it will last an entire life in this lovely coastal town.