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Unwind and Explore: The Perfect Package Holiday in Alicante

Alicante, Costa Blanca paradise, welcomes you. Historical sites, beautiful beaches, and rich culture draw tourists to this attractive city. If you are interested in medieval castles, beaches, or local customs and celebrations, everyone can find something in Alicante. We recommend Alicante’s top attractions and hidden gems to enhance your visit. We arranged your Santa Bárbara Castle and city center tapas and shop excursion. Relaxing vacations are ideal in Alicante.

Discover Alicante

The Costa Blanca city of Alicante is known for its palms, beachfront, and boulevards. The bustling port and seafront boardwalk are Alicante’s center. They let residents and tourists stroll and enjoy the Mediterranean feel. Walk around the old town to start your vacation. Its tiny alleyways are dotted with traditional tapas, restaurants, and stores to offer you a taste of local life and unique shopping.

Discover cultural treasures.

Visit Alicante and learn about its history and culture. Santa Bárbara Castle on Mount Benacantil offers excellent city and sea views. This wonderful ninth-century fort uncovers Alicante’s past. For history enthusiasts, the Archeological Historical Center of Alicante (MARQ) displays interesting relics from all through the district.

Local Flavors in Alicante

Enjoy local flavours

The cuisine scene in Alicante is as dynamic as its environment. Paella and other rice dishes from this region are loved worldwide. Seafood lovers will adore coastal restaurants’ fresh fish. Outdoor dining near the water is also fun. Horchata is a classic tiger nut milk drink. Don’t miss the local superb wines.

Outdoor fun and excitement

Alicante has plenty of excitement. Water sports and boat rentals are available at Postiguet Beach to explore local coves and hills. A walk along the palm-lined Explanada de España is ideal on calmer days. Nighttime street performers and crafters make this neighbourhood even more appealing.

Cultural and nightlife events

Cultural and nightlife events

Cultural events and exciting nightlife make Alicante a vibrant city in addition to its beaches and history. Bonfires of Saint John (Hogueras de San Juan) is one of the yearly municipal events that bring people of all ages together for fireworks, bonfires, and parades. After sunset, Alicante’s nightlife heats up. Taverns, clubs, and pubs typically have live or DJ music. Alicante’s nightlife provides something for everyone, from beachside drinks to dancing.

Day and field outings

Alicante is a fantastic base for seeing neighboring landmarks. In a short drive, you may visit the picturesque mountain hamlet of Guadalest or the lively metropolis of Benidorm, full of entertainment. From scenic walks to thrilling amusement parks, each destination offers something unique to improve your holiday.

In conclusion

At the point when you are arranging your next trip, Alicante is an incredible spot to go of the fact that it has both unwinding and fun activities. You can book a vacation package atUnion Jack Golf Benidorm, and they specialize in creating custom vacations that fit your needs and make sure you have a memorable time in Alicante. This is the best way to combine fun and relaxation: a package vacation that includes everything you need.

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