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Swing into Spain: Top Golf Courses Near Benidorm and Alicante

Spain is a golfer’s dream, with its sunny scenery and beautiful views. Fans come from all over the world to play there. One such haven stands out, not only for its form but also for the genius who came up with it. It is close to the lively cities of Benidorm and Alicante. This is a story about the Alicante Golf Course, which was built by the famous Severiano Ballesterosa nd is a work of art. You are invited to discover, enjoy, and take part in a playing journey that is both difficult and fun.

A Masterpiece Designed by a Legend

Imagine stepping onto a course designed by the Spanish maestro himself, Severiano Ballesteros. The Alicante Golf Course is his brainchild, a testament to his vision and creativity. This 18-hole, par-72 parkland oasis is not just another course; it’s a journey through a meticulously crafted landscape that pushes your boundaries and rewards your senses.

The Unique Configuration

What sets Alicante apart is its unique blend of holes – an equal mix of par 3, par 4, and par 5s. This rare configuration means that no two consecutive holes share the same par, introducing a thrilling unpredictability to your game. Severiano Ballesteros’ design philosophy shines here, creating a course that’s engaging for both the seasoned golfer and the enthusiastic novice. It’s an arena where birdie opportunities abound, and every stroke is a narrative in itself.

Water Hazards and Landscape

The course’s design is a harmonious interplay of nature and strategy. Five large lakes punctuate the landscape, coming into play on 12 of the 18 holes. These water hazards are both a beauty and a beast, offering serene views while challenging you to measure your shots with precision. The course unfolds on relatively level terrain, subtly sculpted with mounds and hollows that add a layer of complexity to your play. It’s a testament to Severiano Ballesteros’ genius, crafting a course that’s as fair as it is challenging.

The Journey to the Course

This golf course is very different from the busy streets of Benidorm, which is only 45 minutes away. Union Jack Golf has the best transport service for people living in or near Benidorm. They have a fleet of minibusses that will make your trip to and from the course as smooth as your swing. From the ease of the first step to the joy of a day well spent, it’s an experience.

Union Jack Golf is your way to get to Alicante Golf.

It’s not over when you finish playing golf on the Alicante Course. The adventure continues after the 18th hole. There is also a smooth shift from the calmness of the course to the liveliness of Benidorm’s nightlife. Also, if you want to tackle Alicante’s greens, you might want to think about bringing a buggy. Because the course is thoughtfully laid out, a buggy isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a smart way to get around the long lengths between holes so you can focus on your game and enjoy the view.

Alicante Golf Course is more than just a place to go; it’s a trip that was planned by a great to test, award, and inspire. And with Union Jack Golf, you’re assured not just of the best service but of an experience that values your passion for the game. So, swing into Spain and let the adventure begin.